• We will give you a fixed appointment/time slot over phone and will not allow more than 1 patient to be present in clinic at a given time.
  • Kindly leave for the clinic after washing your hand and face with soap at your home
  • Kindly maintain a distance of 1.5 meters with everyone at our clinic.
  • Use hand sanitizer just after reaching the clinic, kept at reception
  • Kindly come alone if you are 18 yrs or above (your companion may wait outside in car)
  • Once in dental chair we would advise you not to touch your face or teeth with finger.
  • Don’t wear a wrist watch, hand and body jewellery and carrying of additional accessories bags etc.
  • Use your own wash rooms at home to avoid the need of using toilets at the dental facility.
  • Have a mouth wash rinse with 5 ml of the chlorhexidine solution. Distribute throughout the oral cavity for 30 seconds and then gently gargle at the back of the throat for another 30 seconds before spitting out.
  • Wear a facemask during transport and before entering the premises.
  • Patients consent and declaration to be obtained in a physical print out or electronic system.
  • Maintain social distance with staff and doctor whenever you are out of dental chair.


  • We assure you that we all will wear appropriate PPE
  • All doors will be kept open.
  • Handsfree payment available. Cashless/contactless payment methods are preferred

Please take note of our charges. Consultation Fee: Rs. 200 OPG ( Full Mouth Scan/ X ray ) – Rs. 500