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Brew up your confidence with a flawless smile

You are never fully dressed without a smile. Love your smile like you love your face. Irregular teeth, spaces in teeth, forwardly placed teeth and crowded teeth can all be resolved with braces. Braces come in many options ranging from conventional metal braces, invisible braces or no braces.

  • Aligned smile brews confidence

  • Aligned smile prevents teeth decay

  • A straight smile prevents gum disease

  • A uniform smile wins a million hearts

Braces are custom-made appliances that use applied pressure to straighten your teeth and correct your bite. While some practitioners still favor metal braces as the most reliable, new materials and other technological advances have made smaller, less noticeable braces available. Instead of metal, you may be able to wear clear or tooth-colored ceramic braces or removable invisible aligners.

” Wonderful experience of getting my braces done, the team makes you feel as comfortable as if you are a family member of the team. The complete process went well and i would suggest it to everyone”

Seema Kalra

Types of braces

A pleasing smile is the biggest asset to possess. Get your smile aligned now by booking an appointment.