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Smile Design

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Smile Design

No two smiles are identical, fueling our commitment to a fully personalized smile design process.

Digital Smile design

Digital Smile design refers to designing your smile via a software and then replicating it in your mouth for a flawless, uniform and attractive smile. You can even opt to see your results even before you actually go ahead for treatment. This is called test drive of your smile.

Benefits of Digital Smile design

  • Top notch software

  • Test drive for smile design

  • Flawless results

  • Long lasting smile


The porcelain covers the whole of the front of the tooth with a thicker section replacing the broken part.  Veneers can also be used to close small gaps, when orthodontics (braces) are not suitable.  If one tooth is slightly out of position, a veneer can sometimes be fitted to bring it into line with the others. E max veneers are considered the golden standard in Veneers.

Smile Makeover

A smile makeover is the process of improving the appearance of the smile through one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as:

Dental veneers

Composite bonding

Tooth implants

Teeth whitening

Digital Smile Design is a digital design of the smile by means of the study the relationships between the teeth, gums, and lips of the patient in order to plan their treatment virtually. … With digital photographs taken correctly and in good resolution the dentist can study each case and plan their treatment virtually.

The Marriage of Artistry and Science

Smile design captures an artistic journey that deeply understands dental aesthetics and facial harmony. Our skilled professionals skillfully combine artistic creativity with scientific expertise to craft smiles that shine both in beauty and functionality, standing the test of time.

Utilizing state-of-the-art digital imaging technology, we offer you an exciting glimpse into your potential new smile. This sneak peek allows you to envision the transformation before committing to any treatment, instilling unwavering confidence in your choice.

Had a painless experience at Dr. Nikhil’s Dental Clinic. He is very professional in his work and the way he treated me was at par. Overall the service provided to me was extraordinary and I am following his instructions to maintain my Oral Hygiene.

Mr. Raghav Malhotra, HCL Tech

Had a wonderful experience with Dr. Nikhil’s dental clinic. He was very patient and made sure I understood everything about the surgery. Realising I had language issues he took extra care in explaining each step. The surgeon was great and the staff is always kind and helpful. They ensured I had smooth surgery and follow up. Glad I chose Dr. Nikhil as my Dentist and would highly recommend for anyone.


He is a great doctor who listens to the patient and takes care of him with great attention….My children are very scared of dentists to begin with. But he took the time to talk to them through the procedures and calm them 4 year baby in too much problem and no one doctor is in panipat who solve this but dr nikhil solve my problem with 1 days m happy ..

Kavi Mayank, Housewife

Dr Nikhil is very skillful, gentle and caring. He is best at his work. The staff is friendly and they treat you like a family. The place is easy to find, high tech, clean and updated. I would strongly recommend the doctor and the clinic..

Mrs. Jyoti Bajaj, Special Educator , DPS. Gurgaon
Ms. Nisha AroraUS citizen
Implant, Root canal & crown in 3 days- Absolutely Smooth & painless
Suresh JoonHousewife
Painful Molar not responding to injections even was removed and implant placed at that moment only. No pain since 5 days of treatment.
Mrs. Poonam AghiBoutique Owner
Happy boutique owner with a pretty busy schedule has undergone a simple implant placement just after removal of a badly carious tooth
Mr. Sunil SharmaExecutive In Pepsico
Pepsico Executive had a missing upper molar which has been placed immediately after extraction of mutilated molar.
Mr. Parminder SinghLandlord & Businessman
Relieved patient after a painful night. Got his infected tooth root stumps removed and placed the implant immediately.
Mr. Ashok SinglaRetied Bank Manager
Father of a German citizen daughter who suggested our name after searching on net. Got his full Mouth Rehabilitation done.
Mrs. Priyanka BorahHousewife
A high spirited Priyanka got her badly carious molar treated by replacement of implant.
Ms. Astha AgnihotriPharmaceutical Research Scientist
A happy natured Astha came for some deep fillings which were done smoothly. Out of the 5 filling one of them needed root canal and Crown.
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Transform your smile with personalized smile design services. Discover how our expert team can create a customized plan to enhance your teeth and boost your confidence. Explore the art of smile design and unlock the potential of a radiant and self-assured you.