A Smile Designer Dentist, Dental Business Coach, and Entrepreneur

  • A Multifaceted Professional

  • Entrepreneurship and Mentorship
  • Passion for Continuous Learning

  • A Vision for the Future
  • A seasoned Clinician

With a remarkable 14-year journey in the field of dentistry, Dr. Nikhil Girdhar possesses not only a wealth of experience but also a unique blend of qualities that define his professional and personal journey. Renowned for his soft clinical hands, profound dental knowledge, and compassionate approach, Dr. Nikhil Girdhar stands as a paragon of excellence in the dental community.

Dr. Nikhil Girdhar

BDS, Microdentist, Consultant Implantologist

  • Intensive full-year masters training from DBM, United Kingdom.
  • Full mouth rehabilitation training from Dr. Ajit Shetty in Mumbai.
  • Comprehensive dental implant training from mentor Dr. Jasbrinder Teja (Goethe University, Germany).
  • Fixed prosthodontics training program from Dr. Rajiv Verma.
  • Invited speaker at prestigious institutions like Safdurjung Hospital and various dental associations.
  • First dental practitioner in Haryana to introduce a microscope, elevating precision and care.
  • Established the first full-mouth X-ray machine, emphasizing advanced diagnostics and comprehensive patient care.
  • Introduced the first intraoral scanner, revolutionizing dental examinations with cutting-edge technology.
  • First center in 2009 at Chhabra Hospital
  • Second center at Yamuna Enclave in 2014 with a patient base of over 3200.
  • Third center at Lotus Hospital in 2017 with 1700 satisfied patients.
  • Completed 50 full-mouth rehab cases across all three centers.
  • Actively placed over 600 implants with a success rate of 98% since 2016.
  • Completed over 4000 canals and over 100,000 restorations for a loyal patient base.
Dr. Nikhil

Entrepreneurship and Mentorship:

An entrepreneur at heart, Dr. Nikhil Girdhar has a zest for innovation that has led him to establish various projects, each contributing to the betterment of the dental industry. As the founder of Robust India, a professionally executed school health program, he demonstrates his commitment to community well-being. His brainchild, Health Now Magazine, reflects his penchant for sharing knowledge. A trailblazing mentor, Dr. Nikhil Girdhar is the force behind “Dr. Nikhil’s Dental,” a network of practices that spans a decade of growth and success. He has revolutionized the way dentists approach practice management and has mentored practices across India, showcasing transformative results. From being mentored to becoming a Dental Business Coach, he has transcended challenges to inspire fellow dentists.

Passion for Continuous Learning:

In his quest for excellence, Dr. Nikhil Girdhar has honed his skills through relentless pursuit of knowledge. He has undergone intensive training with eminent experts, including Dr. Manish Chitnis, Dr. J. TeJa, Dr. Ajit Shetty, and Dr. Rajiv Verma. Advanced training in digital dentistry equips him to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. An avid public speaker, Dr. Nikhil Girdhar has conducted interactive sessions in dental associations, sharing his insights on practice management. He nurtures his passion for connecting with people, sports, and technology, while also being an accomplished President of the Indian Dental Association, Panipat Branch.

A Multifaceted Professional:

Beyond his role as a dental surgeon specializing in Microendodontics and Implantology, Dr. Nikhil Girdhar is a man of many facets. As a father of two exceptionally creative kids, he brings his nurturing spirit to both his family and his practice. A Smile Designer Dentist by passion, he understands the power of a captivating smile in transforming lives.

A seasoned writer for two decades, Dr. Nikhil Girdhar crafts words as skillfully as he crafts smiles. His literary prowess complements his dental acumen, and he consistently shares his insights through numerous articles across various Health Magazines.

A Vision for the Future:

Dr. Nikhil Girdhar’s journey is marked by an unwavering commitment to providing top-tier dental care and transforming lives through dentistry. His pioneering spirit, coupled with a profound desire to learn, inspire, and explore, makes him an extraordinary presence in the dental realm.

With a career spanning two decades and a heart filled with a desire to make the world a better place through innovative dentistry and enriching experiences, Dr. Nikhil Girdhar remains dedicated to achieving unparalleled excellence in every aspect of his life’s work.

Avid Traveler:

Beyond his dedication to dentistry, Dr. Nikhil Girdhar is also an avid traveler. He finds inspiration in exploring diverse cultures and experiencing the beauty of the world. His travels fuel his creative spirit, broaden his horizons, and bring a unique perspective to his dental practice and mentorship.