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Unveiling Your Smile's Hidden Story

It is a specialized X-ray technique that captures a panoramic view of your oral structures in one single image.

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OPG in Panipat

Best Diagnostic Tool for Oral and Dental Problems

The principal advantage of panoramic images/OPGs:

  • Covers facial bones and teeth including the TMJ (temperomandibular joint)
  • Very Low patient radiation dose
  • Very comfortable for patients who have restricted mouth opening
  • Short time required for producing the image
  • Useful visual aid in patient education and case presentation
  • Convenience for the patient

An OPG machine scans your full mouth including all your teeth, bone supporting them, upper and lower jaws, the joint connecting the jaws and the sinuses. These are the few diagnosis that can be made by looking at OPG.

Not only does it scan your mouth it makes the invisible visible, and provide important diagnostic information for your dentist so they can deal with problems inside your teeth and gums.

  • Teeth (general review)

  • Teeth (cavities)

  • Wisdom Teeth

  • Fractures

  • Jaw Joint Dislocation

  • Infection

  • Cysts

  • Tumors

  • Sinuses

  1. Technician will take you to OPG room
  2. You need to Stand in front of the machine
  3. The procedure takes less than 1 minute

“I had been suffering from a lot of dental disease which were left undiagnosed by previous dentists as they did not suggest me an OPG scan. The moment Dr. Nikhil Girdhar scanned me, the problems were diagnosed properly and I am relived of all my dental problems now….”.

Shashi Kanta

OPG in Panipat

OPG machine provides the most precise and high quality panoramic image by innovative imaging process and accumulated experience in dental imaging. Moreover it always enables the dentist to perform an accurate diagnosis with great satisfaction from patients in the clinic.

Apart from that it has following distinguishing features:

  • Various capture modes to meet all of diagnostic requirements.
  • Capability to choose jaw shape and patient size to capture the most accurate image.
  • Fast capturing mode, segmented capturing mode, child mode considering reduced X-ray dose & time saving.

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Criteria OPG RVG
Imaging Type Panoramic (wide view) Intraoral (focused on a tooth)
Area of Coverage Captures entire mouth Focuses on a specific tooth or area
Use Cases Comprehensive diagnosis, overall dental health assessment Detailed examination of individual teeth, restorations, and roots
Patient Comfort Generally more comfortable for patients, as it is extraoral Requires placement of a sensor inside the mouth, can be less comfortable
Radiation Exposure Typically lower radiation exposure compared to RVG Higher radiation exposure compared to OPG
Image Clarity Provides a broad overview, less detailed compared to RVG Offers high-resolution images, ideal for detailed diagnostics
Cost Generally less expensive Often more expensive than OPG
Workflow Faster and simpler process, as it captures the entire mouth in one shot Requires more time for individual tooth imaging
Full Digital Advanced Minimal Radiation Machine

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