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Emergency dental treatment

Emergency dental treatment


No more waiting for the sun to rise!!!!

Emergency dental treatment even at night.

Dental emergencies Include

  • Severe pain in tooth, gums or jaw
  • Locked Jaw
  • Knocked Out Tooth
  • Injury to tooth or surrounding structures
  • Fracture of Jaw

Severe pain in tooth, gums or jaw mostly require any of these 3 procedures

  • First Aid to an deeply infected tooth whose nerve is the cause of the pain
  • Relieving the pain of wisdom tooth by injection or removing the swollen overlying gum
  • Smoothing a sharp cusp tip that is impinging on tongue

For knocked out teeth

  • The complete tooth needs to be replaced in the socket as soon as possible, ideally in under 30 minutes.
  • Avoid handling the root of the knocked out tooth.  If it is very dirty, rinse it with milk and wipe it with a clean cloth.  Do not clean it with disinfectant or water or let it dry out.
  •  Hold the tooth by the crown and put it back into the socket firmly, root first.  Bite on a clean handkerchief for about 15-20 minutes. Though keeping it in milk on between your cheek and teeth is the best way out to transport the knocked out tooth to clinic.

Your dentist will assess the immediate situation and may treat any facial injury.  However, treatment may be limited if there is any bruising or bleeding.  Dentist may take x-rays and will check if the knocked out tooth has re-implanted successfully.  You will probably need more appointments for follow up treatment.

Emergency dental visit can provide much sought relief to a person in severe pain even after the intake of pain killers. The visit can be booked by calling 7988951287. You need to pay Rs.800/- to pre book your emergency visit by PAYTM on 7988951287 only.

  • Consultation will be done at #278, Yamuna Enclave, Panipat only

  • Rs.800/- is only Consultation Fee

  • Any procedure undertaken will be charged extra

Step One: Call on 7988951287
Step Two: Pay Rs.800/- via Paytm on 7988951287 ( This is consultation Charge only, X rays and other treatments will be separate)
Step Three: Visit #278, Yamuna Enclave, Panipat by clicking this link

Emergency Consultation Fee

Do not suffer from dental pain at night anymore

No more all night sufferings