Utmost SAFETY  : Need of dental patients

With Covid -19 hitting this planet like a beast plundering upon its prey it becomes all the most important that medical centers practice utmost care, precaution and care so that the fear of visiting a public place vanishes in the minds of the general population. We all very well know that it has not just meant social distancing but it has also delineated us from a lot of things like meet and greet, hugs, high fives and pat on the back. But deep inside we all know that we are still the same human beings with positive feelings of love, affection and care for all of us around. The only way to express that feeling is by words – written or spoken. We as a human entity have come along way in the last 3-4 months where we have evolved as a contact free individuals who would refrain from touching things and more specifically human beings especially at public places . We as a dental clinic understand this situation and have planned to customize our workplace according to your comfort. We are just writing this down to express our feelings of warmth that we still have for our patients but cannot translate into physical contacts, body language due to the unavoidable PPE we wear now a days. We once again would like to assure that behind those monster, astronomical looks we are still the same people who would connect with you like the pre COVID era. We still love clicking pictures with you, celebrating your birthdays in house and organizing open evenings with you on a non formal platform. But times are such that we just need some super caution to make our clinic the safest place for you and your family.

Safe Dentist Dr Nikhil Panipat

Safe Dentist Dr Nikhil Panipat

With caution, we will get through this phase

That’s why we recommend you to please abide by some things like..

  • Form filling

  • Visiting alone

  • Be on time

  • Washing your hand and face with soap at your home

  • Do not to touch your face or teeth with finger

  • Don’t wear a wrist watch, hand and body jewellery and carrying of additional accessories bags etc.

  • Use your own wash rooms at home

  • Wear a face mask during transport and before entering the premises.

  • Maintain social distance with staff and doctor whenever you are out of dental chair.

safe dentist

You will go through this journey when you visit us.

  • Hand Sanitise

  • Form Filling

  • Pulse Oximeter for oxygen saturation.

  • Keep belongings in a sterile pouch

  • Shoe Covers

  • Head cap

  • Mouth Rinse

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