When Doctor became the patient!!

An old adage" Only the shoe knows where it Bites". It is more than few words its a feeling that almost everyone realizes at least once in a week. I personally do not like to pom and show my expertise in my own words, I want my patients to tell how they felt. And [...]

When Doctor became the patient!!2022-07-06T19:49:54+05:30

12th anniversary Celebration

Message us via Whatsapp Message us via Whatsapp Dental Treatment Camp 6th March 2022 Sunday 10 am to 2 pm Celebrating 12th anniversary of Dr. Nikhil's Dental clinic & Implant Center, we hereby invite you to the Dental Treatment Camp for senior citizens [...]

12th anniversary Celebration2022-02-27T16:08:45+05:30

Am I suitable for dental Implants?

I am a diabetic. Am i suitable for dental implants for my missing tooth/teeth? Many a times we wonder that I have systemic diseases like diabetes, hypertension and thyroid. And then that question comes. Am i suitable for dental implants? Any healthy individual with controlled common diseases like diabetes, hypertension or thyroid can be [...]

Am I suitable for dental Implants?2021-12-10T19:20:03+05:30

Smile :Your best attire in online world

Smile : Your best attire in the online meetings With increasing number of online meetings happening and virtually no other flashy wardrobe assets or the precious jewelry being visible on screen, your smile is increasingly becoming the next big thing in style. We have received a lot of patients inquiring about the [...]

Smile :Your best attire in online world2020-08-08T11:26:08+05:30

Safest Dentist In panipat

Utmost SAFETY  : Need of dental patients With Covid -19 hitting this planet like a beast plundering upon its prey it becomes all the most important that medical centers practice utmost care, precaution and care so that the fear of visiting a public place vanishes in the minds of the general population. [...]

Safest Dentist In panipat2020-08-10T12:08:38+05:30

OPG In New Panipat

The growth Journey It was in 2010 when we first started as a single chair operatory with a humble and basic infrastructure. Years went by we upgraded ourselves in not only the experience but the skill sets from the various honored names in the dental fraternity. The first big thing that happened [...]

OPG In New Panipat2020-02-20T12:55:02+05:30

How can an OPG X ray help detect my dental Problems?

OPG and its use for preventive Dental Care OPG is a full mouth panoramic x ray view of the teeth and facial structures. It is a very useful tool to diagnose plentiful problems related to the face , mouth, sinuses, jaw bones and jaw joints. Getting an dental check up done every six [...]

How can an OPG X ray help detect my dental Problems?2020-02-14T13:10:09+05:30

Cracked tooth

CRACKED TOOTH: Accidents happen inside the mouth A tooth crack is an accidental injury to your tooth which may be due to trauma or general wear and tear. The symptoms range from irregular pain while chewing to sudden pain when your tooth is exposed to hot or cold food stuffs. The pain [...]

Cracked tooth2019-09-06T14:07:15+05:30

Easy steps for Teeth Whitening in Panipat

EASY STEPS FOR TEETH WHITENING IN PANIPAT Professional whitening performed by our office is considered to be the most effective and safest method; done properly, tooth whitening can last as long as five years. Over-the-counter whitening systems are somewhat effective as long as they are monitored and directions followed closely. Professional Whitening Methods Professional whitening makes [...]

Easy steps for Teeth Whitening in Panipat2019-09-05T11:15:07+05:30
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