embracing change

Embracing Change: A Digital Marketer's Journey to a Confident Smile Meet Shweta, a 26-year-old digital marketing professional who has always been self-conscious of her irregular teeth. She has always been hesitant to smile fully in pictures and found herself avoiding social events because of her smile. But after years of feeling insecure, [...]

embracing change2023-05-09T16:04:50+05:30

Dental implant Story : Fear to success

Dental implant Story : Fear to success Mrs. Sachdeva, a 70-year-old Indian female, had been struggling with dental problems for several years. She had difficulty chewing, and her teeth were causing her constant pain and discomfort. However, despite her problems, Mrs.  was afraid to go to the dentist. She had heard horror [...]

Dental implant Story : Fear to success2023-05-02T13:22:51+05:30

Not everyone is welcome into our clinic

Welcome to Dr. Nikhil's dental clinic, where we offer high-quality dental services to our esteemed patients. However, not everyone is welcome here. Yes, you heard that right! We have compiled a list of people who should steer clear of our clinic. So, without further ado, let's dive into the list: People with perfect teeth: [...]

Not everyone is welcome into our clinic2023-05-01T19:48:56+05:30

Boys from United Kingdom

Neil and shane nagpal are twins living in United Kingdom 🇬🇧 with their father Sunil Nagpal. They searched us on internet and booked in. Sunil is a teacher in economics in a school in london and his keen energetic boys are into economics too at such a young age. Sunil who is in excellent shape [...]

Boys from United Kingdom2022-10-03T19:01:56+05:30

Wisdom tooth RCT

Wisdom teeth Root Canal Third molar or wisdom teeth root canal is a rather challenging procedure to perform for the operating dentist. It is more or less the same experience for the patient as general. The reasons for this tricky third molar or wisdom tooth root canal are: Atypical shape of third molar crown [...]

Wisdom tooth RCT2022-07-26T19:35:15+05:30

When Doctor became the patient!!

An old adage" Only the shoe knows where it Bites". It is more than few words its a feeling that almost everyone realizes at least once in a week. I personally do not like to pom and show my expertise in my own words, I want my patients to tell how they felt. And [...]

When Doctor became the patient!!2022-07-06T19:49:54+05:30

12th anniversary Celebration

Message us via Whatsapp Message us via Whatsapp Dental Treatment Camp 6th March 2022 Sunday 10 am to 2 pm Celebrating 12th anniversary of Dr. Nikhil's Dental clinic & Implant Center, we hereby invite you to the Dental Treatment Camp for senior citizens [...]

12th anniversary Celebration2022-02-27T16:08:45+05:30

Am I suitable for dental Implants?

I am a diabetic. Am i suitable for dental implants for my missing tooth/teeth? Many a times we wonder that I have systemic diseases like diabetes, hypertension and thyroid. And then that question comes. Am i suitable for dental implants? Any healthy individual with controlled common diseases like diabetes, hypertension or thyroid can be [...]

Am I suitable for dental Implants?2021-12-10T19:20:03+05:30
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