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Smile Stories: Unveiling the Magic of Modern Dentures

Exploring Denture Types: Advantages, Stories, and Real-Life Benefits

In modern dentistry, dentures have evolved into versatile solutions for individuals seeking to restore their smiles and oral function. With various types available, each catering to specific needs and budgets, let’s delve into their advantages through the lens of real stories.

Basic Dentures:


These are a fantastic starting point for those seeking functional teeth replacement without breaking the bank. They restore the ability to chew, speak, and smile with confidence.


They are ideal for individuals who require affordable tooth replacement. They are a go-to option for people with limited budgets who want to regain basic oral function.


Meet Rajiv, a retired school teacher from Jaipur. With a modest pension, Rajiv was looking for an economical solution to replace his missing teeth. He opted for basic denture. Soon, he was not only able to enjoy his favorite meals but also rejoiced in sharing hearty laughs with his grandchildren without feeling self-conscious about his smile.

Removable Denture:


They offer the convenience of easy removal for cleaning. They suit individuals who prefer the flexibility to take out their dentures whenever needed.


People who want the freedom to maintain their dentures meticulously and adjust them as per convenience often opt for removable dentures.


Nisha, a working professional from Mumbai, chose removable dentures due to her busy lifestyle. With the flexibility to remove her dentures at night, Nisha found it easier to maintain her oral hygiene routine. This allowed her to maintain a confident smile throughout her busy days.

Over Dentures:


They combine the stability of dental implants with the support of natural teeth, providing enhanced retention and reduced bone loss.


They are suitable for individuals with a mix of remaining natural teeth and implants. They provide extra stability and improved chewing capabilities.


Vikram, a businessman from Delhi, had lost a few back molars due to decay. He chose over dentures, allowing his remaining healthy teeth to anchor the dentures. This decision not only improved his chewing efficiency but also preserved his facial structure by preventing bone loss.

Precision Lock Dentures:


They utilize dental implants for exceptional stability. They offer a secure fit, minimizing movement during eating and speaking.


Individuals seeking optimal retention and minimal denture movement, especially while eating, benefit from the precision lock option.


Preeti, a young bride-to-be from Chandigarh, opted for precision lock dentures to ensure her dentures stayed in place throughout her wedding festivities. The confidence of knowing her smile would remain radiant during every celebration brought her immense joy.

Flexible Dentures:


They are lightweight, durable, and adapt well to oral contours, offering comfort and a snug fit.


Those who value comfort and a seamless fit often choose this option, particularly if they have irregular jaw contours.


Deepak, a retiree from Bangalore, went for flexible dentures after experiencing discomfort with his previous dentures. He found the flexibility of the material much more comfortable, allowing him to enjoy meals without irritation.

BPS Dentures:


BPS dentures are crafted using advanced materials, prioritizing both function and aesthetics. They offer a premium experience with a natural appearance.


Patients seeking top-tier quality and willing to invest in long-term oral health often choose BPS option.


Rekha, a teacher from Kolkata, decided on BPS denture option to ensure her dentures would look and feel natural. The investment paid off as she regained her smile and enjoyed the confidence that comes with superior aesthetics.

These stories reflect the diverse advantages of various denture types. Whether it’s addressing basic needs, enhancing stability, or providing a premium experience, modern denture offer tailored solutions that bring back smiles and improve quality of life. Each individual’s journey toward rediscovering their confidence through denture is a testament to the advancements and positive impact of modern dentistry. Connect with us at 7988951287 to book your appointment with us today.

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Why Teeth Get Discolored?2019-08-07T13:54:56+05:30

There are many reasons why teeth can become discolored. The major reasons are:

  • Diet – Drinking tea, coffee, red wine or other food and drink with strong colorings.
  • Smoking – Smoking can result in teeth appearing a yellowish color.
  • Age – As people grow older their teeth can become darker naturally.
  • Tooth decay, fillings and tartar build-up can cause discoloration.
  • Trauma – Teeth have nerves and blood vessels inside them. If these nerves and blood vessels are damaged the tooth may become darker – even several years after the trauma.
  • Medication – Staining can be caused by diseases or medicines. Tetracycline, an antibiotic, will cause a distinct discoloration if given to a child whose adult teeth are still developing.
Is everyone a candidate for teeth whitening?2019-08-07T13:54:03+05:30

NO! There is no whitening solution for most dental work such as fillings, crowns, veneers, or partial or full dentures. If the color of your teeth matches the color of your dental work before whitening, the color of your teeth will most likely be different from the color of your dental work after whitening. You are making a commitment to replacing those restorations if you whiten your teeth. We typically wait a few weeks after any whitening treatment to replace these restorations since we want to match the new color and we want the color to stabilize before choosing a color for the new restorations.

Your gums must also be healthy and any decay must be treated since both of these can be a cause of sensitivity during whitening treatments.

Teeth whitening is not recommended for children whose teeth are still developing or for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

What are the side effects of teeth whitening?2019-08-07T13:52:58+05:30

Some patients report a temporary increase in sensitivity. Tender gums are also a known side effect especially if you are whitening at home and use too much of the whitening solution. Remember that a little is good, and a lot will not make your teeth any whiter.

How long will whitening last?2019-08-07T13:52:16+05:30

Since the results vary from patient to patient there is no firm answer. We do know that teeth tend to become darker as time passes, so touch-up treatments are occasionally needed to keep the teeth lightened. Your eating, drinking, smoking and home care habits definitely have an effect on how long the treatment lasts. Remember that the base shade of teeth is yellow or white and that we cannot whiten this base color. However, most patients are very satisfied with the results of whitening treatments.

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Dr. Nikhil Girdhar, father of two really sharp and creative kids, a smile designer dentist, a writer since 20 years, a dental business coach and an entrepreneur by heart. He has keen interest in the field of dentistry and is passionate about exploring stories and new innovative techniques that can make this planet a better place to live. DENTAL PROFILE Dr. Nikhil Girdhar is a dental surgeon who specializes in Microendodontics and Implantology. He is a keen enthusiastic dentist which gives a happy feeling to the people around whether it be his patients or his staff. He is a firm optimist with pretty positive frame of mind. His innovative, creative skills have made him a popular face. His goal is to provide quality services for his patients to achieve long term good dental health. He has published plenty of articles in various Health Magazines. Dr. Nikhil Girdhar has done research work on the effects of different toothpaste materials in the treatment of dental diseases caused due to dental caries and gum diseases. Mentor Profile He has been running multiple dental practices with the name of Dr. Nikhil’s Dental since 10 years . Along with that he is now mentoring 14 practices pan India with some revolutionary results. After being mentored by DBM from Dr. Manish Chitnis, he has had a remarkable journey of practice management starting from a naïve who used to find dental practice as a very challenging and non profitable profession to now moving towards relishing all the flavors of life through dentistry. He has been conferred with the award of marketing genius of the year award . Afterwards, he was appointed as Dental Business Coach. He travels to Mumbai every quarter to address a group of elite dentists in Mumbai for dental business education. Along with that, he is the founder of various projects like Robust India- a professionally executed school health program , Health Now Magazine and DENTiPRAM – dental practice management academy. Dr. Nikhil has conducted interactive sessions in various dental associations on dental practice management. Apart from that his interests are connecting with people, public speaking, sports, technology and management skills. He loves to train dentists for setting their goals, a better patient experience and dental marketing.

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