At Dr. Nikhil’s Dental, one of the tenets of our practice is the importance of patient education. We understand that sometimes treatment recommendations can seem scary, confusing, or complicated. We encourage our patients to ask questions, and we always allow enough time to go over every possibility.

When we recommend a specific treatment to you, we will provide a full discussion of advantages and any disadvantages. We will take our time to explain not only the treatment under discussion but other options, if they are available. We will never force a specific treatment; the final decision is yours and yours alone.

It is important to us that you make an informed decision that you feel completely comfortable with.

If cost of treatment is a concern, we are happy to offer payment options, including third-party financing, and we can discuss that with you as well.

It is important that our patients receive needed treatment to protect their oral health, and our goal is to work with you so that you can receive it—and feel confident that it is the right treatment for you!