Parents at dental care center

If you are coming for the first time to a dentist, there could be a lot of things going through your mind- Environment, Dentist, Dentist equipment, Instruments, smell, noise of drill machine. We would like to tell you that when you come to Dr. Nikhil’s Dental Clinic, we have planned your first visit in such a way that all your nervousness is taken care of. We take immense care of the hygiene and cleanliness of the clinic, the dentist is very friendly and welcoming by nature, the equipment we use are absolutely harmless, painless and undergo four levels of sterilization. We take care of your nose and ear as well by regular spray of room fresheners and customized music for your ears. Yes you have the liberty to choose the type of music you want.

We work mostly on appointment basis, so as soon as you book your appointment we can share our google map address for a comfortable journey to our clinic. You can request for a Car Park Assist which we will be ready to offer as the availability of driver.

The moment you enter the welcome area ( yes we prefer to call it a welcome area rather than a waiting area), you will be received by the front office staff. Please help us with small bit of registration and please do not hesitate on disclosing your medical history as it can impact treatment. After the initial registration process which includes paying the consultation fee of Rs.200/-, you will be guided to the doctor’s consultation table.

The doctor will listen in to all your problems, queries, needs and demands with complete peace of mind. You will then be taken to the dental chair for a complete dental evaluation. Do not be afraid of the dental check up at all as we will just check your complete mouth and no treatment will be given at this time. We normally do a 35 point check list for a complete comprehensive examination.

Then, if need be, you will be advised a full mouth scan ( separate charge ) for the comprehensive diagnosis. After the investigation is complete, the doctor will provide you with the treatment options, their pros and cons, the number and duration of appointments needed and the cost involved for the treatment.After wards you can decide about your treatment.

All these steps will be fast tracked if it is an emergency.