Dental implant Story : Fear to success

Mrs. Sachdeva, a 70-year-old Indian female, had been struggling with dental problems for several years. She had difficulty chewing, and her teeth were causing her constant pain and discomfort. However, despite her problems, Mrs.  was afraid to go to the dentist. She had heard horror stories of painful dental procedures, and the fear of the unknown kept her away from seeking dental help.

But one day, Mrs. Sachdeva decided that enough was enough. She wanted to regain her dental health and her quality of life, so she finally mustered the courage to visit a dental clinic. That’s when she met Dr. Nikhil, a skilled and experienced dentist who immediately put her at ease.

After a thorough examination, Dr. Nikhil Girdhar recommended that Mrs. Sachdeva undergo full mouth dental implants. This would involve the replacement of all her missing and damaged teeth with implants that would look and function like natural teeth.

Initially, Mrs. Sachdeva was hesitant and worried about the procedure’s cost and duration. But Dr. Nikhil and his team patiently explained the entire process to her, including the timeline and the cost. They assured her that the procedure would be painless, and she would be able to enjoy her favorite foods again.

Mrs. Sachdeva decided to go ahead with the procedure, and she couldn’t be happier with the results. The full mouth dental implants were completed in just four months, and she was able to return to her normal life quickly.

With her new teeth, Mrs. Sachdeva can now chew her food comfortably and smile with confidence. She no longer experiences pain or discomfort, and her overall dental health has improved significantly.

Mrs. Sachdeva is grateful to Dr. Nikhil and his team for their excellent work and for helping her regain her dental health and her confidence. She now recommends the clinic to everyone she knows and encourages others to seek dental help, even if they are afraid.

Smile without inhibition

opg before implants

Every smile has a message to give

Dental implant patient at dr. nikhil's dental
  • The treatment is not noticeable at all.

  • There will be no dentures to wear hence all eating and brushing can be done per normal.

  • Minimal pain or discomfort.

  • Smiles can be customized and easily altered.

  • Treatment is completed within a 4 months.

POst op full mouth implants

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