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The patient Mrs. Kumud Naruka came with a very heavy heart as she was so afraid to go to the dentist that she wont open her mouth when she first sat into the dental chair. Dr. Nikhil Girdhar took some time to acclimatize her to the clinical environment after which she gave her consent for the check up. She had so many questions to ask about tooth pain and Dr. Nikhil promised her to answer everyone with one condition that after the questions are answered she will not talk about tooth pain but talk about her smile and proper chewing.
Things went very well and she just accepted the extraction treatment of her upper two teeth just to begin and see if it hurts. Afterwards what happened sent Dr. Nikhil into shock as well. After absolute painfree extraction of her 2 teeth she asked if we could extract more. Dr. Nikhil extracted 2 more teeth and she was like lets finish up the upper arch work today which had 2 more remaining teeth. So we could extract 6 teeth of the patient with definite prior comprehensive evaluation of her medical record for the safety of the patient. Even the husband sitting near by was trying to hide this smile for the bravery his wife had shown. Things were like a cake walk after that sitting.
We did extract all the remaining lower teeth as well and put in the implants for overdenture as patient’s bone was less in back regions of upper and lower jaw. Within a span of 5 months we could finish the final denture with an intermediate denture which was placed right 15 days after implantation was completed. Today she is smiling young 59 year old who has become our smile ambassador who not just endorses us but her smile as well.

Implant Supported over dentures are the go to solution for rocking moving and unstable dentures. Overdentures supported on implant offer the comfort of eating properly and smiling openly without the fear of moving them or losing them from your mouth. It is the absolute solution for elderly people who are tired of their loose dentures. It is done with two implants on the upper and two implants in the lower arch. The number of implants may vary according to the condition of bone and the gums overlying it.