An old adage” Only the shoe knows where it Bites”.

It is more than few words its a feeling that almost everyone realizes at least once in a week.

I personally do not like to pom and show my expertise in my own words, I want my patients to tell how they felt. And that is why i insist on testimonials when my patients feel like thanking me.

Last month, i had to undergo a root canal treatment for a deeply carious which was filled 5 years ago. Have tried to put that experience into a prose.

Sweets, Ice creams & Mango

Absolute mix for the summer’s tango

Exuberant, ecstatic and ebullient

But the tooth was looking at repent

In the middle of that horrible night

I could feel a blazing sun at its supreme height

Pain was like a child in pain

Tried the clove but all in vain

It was feeling of plunder in jaw

A ferocious scene that i never saw

Painkiller, Sensodyne and changing postures

But pain had a altogether different rooster

Agony scare and plight

Pang sting and misery bite

Had to face weapon less fight

Took away all the summer appetite

God only knows when painkiller oozed

And i dozed off to much a needed snooze

Next morning was fresh and pristine

As if the no pain had ever been

Day went like a carefree being

Dentist visit was purely overseen

Daily chores overtook painful scene

The day went like a crystal that’s clean

Summer tango was again on fire

With the temperatures rising higher and higher

Lovely evening with delicious snacks

To put on weight on those family packs

And then came the time to slumber

Till now the tooth was a cool cucumber

But the tooth had thought of a different hunger

And then came the first wave from down under

It was the sensation i felt last night

From now on things were not looking bright

The distress stepped up the game

Which became impossible to tame

The feeling was like in tiger’s mouth

Sleep was sent to an awful drouth

Tortuous & a Stinging ordeal

Desperately needed nerve like steel