How long should you have to wait for an appointment?

  • No waiting appointments for scheduled patients

  • Instant Emergencies Appointments 

  • Premium timings for business class

With the advent of technology and we exercising it to the full extent there is nothing stopping us from a very systematized and well scheduled mode of appointments. With a dedicated software and a trained team to manage that we have all the tools to save time for our patients. The scheduling not only saves time but also makes sure that the work flow in clinic is easy, efficient and hassle free. It adds to the focus of our doctors without the pressure of a waiting queue outside. It has been very well accepted and appreciated by our patients in the last 5 years. With a very responsive system which sends in sms and email reminders for your appointments, it makes our scheduling all the more effective as our team and our patients are well on time.

There could be certain procedures which require a time slot for proper preparation, availability of specialized doctor or processing of a tooth work in laboratory. These situations as we all understand are exceptions to the strict timing schedule that we follow.

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