Regular check ups actually save you money

  • Reduces the severity of disease

  • Lesser invasive procedures

  • Minimal cost of teatment

  • No suffering of pain and discomfort

The thought of dental treatment used to scare one and all for many generations but it is not the same now. A lot of people are now walking through the doors of dental clinic for regular dental check ups. This change in trend is in lieu of the understanding that if disease is detected early the suffering, the time and the cost of treatment decreases by 80% on average.

Indians in particular have become more aware in terms of preventive dental check ups every 6 months especially in metro cities. But the smaller town residents have a long way to go start getting regular with their dental check ups.

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Check-ups make a difference

Regular check ups help you prevent all forms of dental diseases ranging from gum disease, dental decay to oral cancer.

We at Dr. Nikhil’s Dental help our patients undergo a 25 point comprehensive dental check ups where in we provide a complete diagnostic report with a detailed round of consultation. It not only helps the patients understand their disease at an early age but also let them understand the effectiveness of the brushing habits.

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We all need to understand that oral health is no way less than your overall health and it has to be taken proper care of. We need to understand this with these stories in patient words below.

“Right from my childhood I have had a sweet tooth, I loved chocolates like anything. This love of chocolates gave me plentiful cavities but was afraid to go the dentist. My sibling Akash had same problems but he visited the dentist every year and got his cavities filled. It was my 18th birthday and I was overjoyed with the feeling of being an adult, my upper back tooth started paining pretty severely in the middle of my party with my friends. I had to rush to a nearby dentist. He diagnosed that one of my upper molars has decayed so much that it needs removal. All my happiness vanished at the thought of getting my tooth removed at such a young age. But I had no choice, took some painkillers and got that tooth removed followed by the replacement by a Dental Implant. I still repent my negligence towards my teeth. My brother Akash is enjoying his natural teeth as it is.”

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A stitch in time saves nine

The above proverb had been in trend for generations but it is high time to apply this proverb in daily practice.

Health whether it be dental health or overall health cannot be ignored in any case. Ultimately we need to live in this very  own body, taking care of it is the biggest responsibility that rests on our shoulders. Its not just about you but your family too. So book your appointment now at 9812912946 for a complete comprehensive dental check up at panipat.

“I used to brush regularly and I never thought that dental health could become such a big issue. I took dental health for granted and am now facing the heat. I have been diagnosed with severe gum disease at the age of 35. Need an extensive treatment for the same. The disease could have been easily prevented by simple scaling every year.”

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